les senteurs shop

Les Senteurs Perfumery

We are lucky to have the support of the specialist perfumery LES SENTEURS. James Craven of Les Senteurs (and the Festival’s olfactory advisor) writes, “There is nothing about the sense of smell and the experience of perfume which is not intoxicating, mysterious and fascinating. It’s a subject without boundaries, a search for the end of the rainbow. It relates to every aspect of experience and almost everything about it is mutable and without boundaries. Entirely subjective, it is up to each individual to discover fragrance in his own unique way.”

A vital part of LES SENTEURS’ remit has always been to encourage people to find their own way into the world of scent, offering help and advice when required. James says, “ Everyone has it within themselves to find their perfect perfume: We just try to show customers the way and then turn them loose in this wonderful world of scents.”

LES SENTEURS have two shops in Elizabeth Street and Seymour Place. More information here.