The Clapham Society

The organisation does so much for the Clapham community.

For those of you who do not know, the Clapham Society is a local organisation with three clear aims:

1 improve the quality of life in Clapham and strengthen its identity and sense of community

2 Promote excellence in new developments as well as conservation of the best features of the past

3 Help Clapham to be a vibrant, exciting and safe place to live, with job opportunities and good shopping and leisure amenities

If you are interested in Clapham, its community, its businesses, its amenities and its buildings and are concerned to protect and enhance its character, then join The Clapham Society. They depend on their members’ wide range of skills and experience, as well as their moral and financial support. They rely entirely on members’ subscriptions and donations to pay for the newsletter and their administrative expenses.

Click here to join. We have :-)