ginger pig SausageRoll

Ginger Pig

We aim to be a Sensory Opera Festival. Taste is very much a part of the Festival.

Last year, as the Festival goers headed out the door, they were given a little present in the form of a hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig. Greeted by Lynsey and her team from Ginger Pig, the Festival goers received the warm & tasty present as they headed out into the cold winter’s evening. Some people walked out of the venue scoffing their sausage roll, then sheepishly came back asking if they could have another one!

We are so happy that Ginger Pig are back again this year. We cannot wait to find out what goodies they will provide at the end of each performance. Will it be the glorious sausage rolls?


If ever you fancy a little something more, you can always pop along to Ginger Pig on Abbeville Road. Lynsey and the gang are always a welcoming bunch.