Marie Soulier

Marie Soulier – Founder & Director


Long time local resident Marie Soulier is the founder of the Clapham
Opera Festival. From her first idea for a Festival, Marie’s hands-on
commitment shapes the Festival’s aims, the styling, the staging, and her concept for a sensory opera experience. From visualising how each concert should look to finding the clothes for each concert, from helping to cast for each event to handing out leaflets, Marie’s energy is all encompassing.

It was in fashion that Marie’s passion for supporting young talent began, with 20 years as a model manager and agent, collaborating with the likes of Models 1 & Ford Models.

OPUS Marie SoulierMarie also runs Opera Pour Un Salon, offering recitals in private homes & special events for companies. She has organised more than 20 home recitals with over 500 people enjoying these intimate events.  The young artists themselves have enjoyed the experience too, daunted by the challenge of performing so close to an audience, yet exhilarated by the warmth and energy extended by everyone in front of them. She recently also organised the OPUS Concert #1: An Evening of Baroque, the first of a planned series of concerts that will take place across the year and beyond.

Marie has also organised wonderfully received fund raising events for both Cystic Fibrosis and Headlines, raising over £13,000 in total.

I have lived in, and loved, Clapham for 29 years. I only recently fell in love with Opera, but soon wanted to share my love with my neighbourhood. I hosted performances at my home, then other people’s homes (hence my business Opera Pour Un Salon). Now, with the Clapham Opera Festival, I hope more people experience the joy of Opera from some of the most incredible and committed young talent around.