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Our Aims

The Clapham Opera Festival was created with a passion to support and promote up-and-coming opera singers and musicians, along with the incredible talent ‘behind the scenes’.

The dream of Marie Soulier (founder of the Festival) was also to bring opera to her Clapham neighbourhood and make it a place for the wider community to experience the passion, joy, pain and tragedy of this art form.

And given that the great composers wrote opera for everyone not for the few, the Festival worked hard to spread the word.

With the help of some wonderful supporters and local businesses, we managed to attract an incredible 725 people to the first Festival in 2013. Even more wonderful was that over 120 children came along. In 2014, nearly 900 people attended, including over 200 children.

We hope we can help more people experience this musical art form for the first time in 2015.

And for those who already are lovers of opera, we  work tirelessly to create a festival that will surprise and delight you.