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A Sensory Experience

We are sensory beings. We don’t just hear music, we feel music. All of our senses are stimulated by beat, tone and vibrations.

So in 2013 we set about to create a Festival that would trigger all of the senses for our visitors. Sound is obvious.

Sight too.  We thought long and hard about how to style and stage each performance. The visual experience was important to us.

Taste. We laid on all sorts of nice things to nibble on and drink so to heighten the taste buds – during and after each performance.

Smell. We had our very own Olfactory Advisor to the Festival, James Craven, who wrote a wonderfully evocative description of the odours of the epoch featured in each performance.

And finally Touch. The visitors had the chance to get up close and meet the artists immediately after each performance. No special backstage passes…the artists come to the audience!

In 2015, we aim to continue the exploration of all the senses at our second Clapham Opera Festival.